Ping Golf Ball FAQs

Does Karsten still make Ping  golf balls?
No, production of Ping balls ceased around 1997.  The golf ball making equipment has been removed from the Karsten plant. The building that Karsten used to for Ping golf ball production is being used for club production.

How many different 2 color combinations were made?
Karsten did not keep records on the volume of colors.  When collectors telephoned Karsten with this question, the answer usually received was, "72."   This site's list of color combinations shows that the number of colors is greater  than 72.  Colored balls were made for customer orders and not for stock. Karsten had basic colors and mixed a powder in to change colors.

Which type is most rare - Eyes, Eye2s or Promotionals?
 Eye2 color combinations are probably more rare because their production time was much shorter.  Eye2 were around for only a few years before Karsten decided to quit manufacturing  the duo-colored balls.
Promos should be the rarest because they were usually balls that had some  type of quality problem.  Promos in the common colors are very easy to find.  Karsten provided lots of Promo balls that courses could  use for  their junior programs.

What is the value of faded, discolored, or sliced Pings?
That is determined by the color combination, the type, rarity, and the amount of damage.  It is impossible to place a value on a damaged Pings without seeing them in person or at least seeing clear pictures. 

Do the Ping balls that are all white have any value?
Yes, and no.  Most of the collectors limit their collections to the colored Pings.  There are a few collectors who do buy and sell the white Pings, thus, they do have value. The demand for the white Pings is much, much lower than it is for the colored golf balls.

 Is this a brown Ping golf ball that you have listed as Rare? 
Probably not.  If  the Ping ball is a used ball, more than likely it is a red Ping that has changed color from being in the water and mud.  A brown Ping ball is the color of a Hershey Chocolate Bar.  Here is a picture of a Brown & Yellow Ping ball beside an Aqua & Black Ping.

How can you tell the difference between a Ping Michael Jordon Ball and a Wilson Michael Jordon Ball? 
The dimple patterns are different, and on the Ping, the #23 appears to be more rounded.

Is it too late for me to start a collection?  Can Ping balls still be found?
No, it's not too late to start a collection, as it is still fairly easy to find Ping balls for your collection.  Some collectors are still finding them at golf course pro shops.  Ebay is a good source and fellow collectors enjoy buying, selling, and trading.